Over the last few months I’ve have a nagging question on my mind
I was assigned this topic for an upcoming retreat that i am to preach for and that topic is
“Truth Matters”
So I keep asking myself
What is truth?
You see there seems to be some confusion these days about what truth really is.
This seems to be a hot topic this year
Servay kids at camp
They are denying truth
Counterfeit money
In a monarchy whatever the King says is the law. WHAT THE KING SAYS IS THE TRUTH! !!!!
The church is a monarchy not a dam
Teds sermon
Supreme Court decision
Earthquake no foundation
Nothing to build on

John 17:14


What can we do?
Some of you are blessed with talents and opportunities to maybe make a difference
But all of us can
We can pray and vote

Here on earth we live in the United States and WE can change it’s laws and moral direction if we as a whole us our God given right to vote.
But the church which is this group of beleavers is a Monarchy and God is our King and the word of the king is TRUTH.

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