The Dave Melton Family Singers are a 2nd generation family singing group based out of Columbus, IN. Dave and his wife Krista are joined by their five children Trevin, Kyle, Kadee, Macy and Gracie as they travel the nation singing. Over the years, they’ve been blessed to sing for hundreds of events and to see lives changed and hearts blessed by the Gospel Message. With a pure family blend and heartfelt authenticity, their music will bring a smile to your face, and will inspire and uplift your soul.

Dave Melton – Dave is no stranger to gospel music.  He grew up in a singing family and continued to sing with his parents even after he reached adulthood as a part of the “Melton Family Singers” Dave is also an ordained minister and spent  five years in the located preaching ministry.  Dave has a God-given passion for preaching and singing about the Lord.  It is his desire that the family’s music always points others to the Savior.

Krista Melton – Krista began singing for the Lord at an early age.  By the time she was sixteen she was giving Gospel concerts.  After marrying Dave she traveled with “The Melton Family Singers.”  Krista is also a  gifted songwriter and a speaker. She’s available to speak or sing for Ladies events.  Because of the families’ traveling schedule Krista home schools their children.

Trevin Melton – Trevin is the oldest of the Melton children.  He is currently enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College where he is studying Software Development.  He travels with the family as his schedule allows.  Trevin  loves Mexican food.

Kyle Melton – Kyle is in highschool and is known for his energy on stage and for singing “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Kyle speaks for youth events and gives short sermons when given the opportunity.  And we’re warning you, get off the road folks…he’s starting to drive!

Kadee Melton – Kadee is also in highschool.  When not singing, Kadee enjoys crafting and sewing.  Kadee is an avid lover of musicals.  Her favorite family member is our puppy “Briar.”

Macy & Gracie Melton – Macy and Gracie are twins and are the family’s “Dynamic Duo.” They are ten years old.  They enjoy singing, cooking, and jumping on the trampoline.  They also enjoy making new friends as they travel.

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